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Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

New Technology

Android-powered Nook eReader drops to $149/$199

Barnes and Noble dropped the price of its Nook eBook reader today to $199 and introduced an even cheaper $149 Wifi-only Nook, sparking a price war with Amazon.
New Nook Prices. Click to enlarge
The race to 'free' in eBook readers is on today as the standard Nook was dropped from $259 to $199 by Barnes and Noble (BKS).  The biggest news however, is that they introduced a new device that costs only $149 but can only use Wifi to pull in books.
The eBook reader is moving to the razor, the eBooks are the blades.
That means the price of entry for quality eReaders dropped over $100 today.  That opens up the market to many more people who might have previously balked at the price of a eReader.
Amazon (AMZN) quickly responded to today's news by dropping the price of its Kindle from $259 to $189, sitting between the two Nook models.
As these eReaders drop in price, they are no longer really just stand-alone items priced like netbooks, but electronic accessories priced closer to MP3 players.

A Private Social Network for Cell Phones

esearchers at Microsoft have developed mobile social networking software that lets users share personal information with friends but not the network itself.
Picture sharing: This photo will be tagged and sent to the users’ friends—but it will be encrypted so that the company that handles the network won't be able to see it.
Credit: Microsoft
"When you share a photo or other information with a friend on [a site like] Flickr, their servers are also able to read that information," explains Iqbal Mohomed, a researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, who developed the new network, called Contrail, with several colleagues. "With Contrail, the central location doesn't ever know my information, or what particular users care about--it just sees encrypted stuff to pass on."
When a Contrail user updates his information on the network, by adding a new photo, for example, the image file is sent to a server operating within the networks' cloud, just as with a conventional social network. But it is encrypted and appended with a list that specifies which other users are allowed to see the file. When those users' devices check in with the social network, they download the data and decrypt it to reveal the photo.
Contrail requires users to opt-in if they want to receive information from friends. When a person wants to receive a particular kind of update from a contact, a "filter" is sent to that friend's device. If, for example, a mother wants to see all the photos tagged with the word "family" by her son, she creates the filter on her phone. The filter is encrypted and sent via the cloud to her son's device.

German TanDEM-X satellite seeks 3D view of Earth

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The two satellites will fly in formation (Video courtesy of EADS Astrium)
The TanDEM-X satellite has blasted into orbit on a mission to acquire the most precise 3D map of the Earth's surface.
The German radar spacecraft will fly in formation with an identical platform called TerraSAR-X launched in 2007.
Together, the pair will measure the variation in height across the globe to an accuracy of better than two metres.
Their digital elevation model will have myriad uses, from helping military jets fly ultra low to showing relief workers where an earthquake's damage is worst.
"Our aim is to generate a model at a resolution and a quality that doesn't exist today," explained Dr Vark Helfritz, from satellite image-processing company Infoterra GmbH.
"This will be a truly seamless global product - not a patchwork of datasets that have been fitted together," he told BBC News.
TanDEM-X was carried into space atop a converted intercontinental ballistic missile from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
The Dnepr rocket left its silo at 0214 GMT. A signal confirming TanDEM-X had separated successfully from the vehicle was picked up 31 minutes later at an Antarctic tracking station.
DEM (DLR) The aim is for a model with a two-metre vertical resolution on 12m by 12m grids The new satellite was put into a polar orbit that is ever so slightly inclined to the one occupied by TerraSAR-X, some 514km above the planet.
The path of TanDEM-X across the sky means it will fly an extremely tight helix around its more established sibling.
Dnepr launch The Dnepr emerges from its Baikonur silo to climb to orbit "It is the first time that two satellites have been put in such close formation," said Brigadier General Thomas Reiter, the former astronaut and now executive board member at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).
"Their orbits bring them together with a minimum distance of about 200m. This will be very challenging for mission controllers, as you can imagine."
The pair's radars work by constantly bouncing microwave pulses off the surface of the planet. By timing how long the signal takes to make the return trip, the instruments can determine differences in height.
The compact orbital dance will give the pair "stereo vision", by enabling them to operate an interferometric mode in which one spacecraft acts as a transmitter/receiver and the other as a second receiver.
Graphic of TanDEM-X (Infoterra) Perhaps the best-known, near-global, space-borne data-set prior to the German venture came from the US Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) of 2000. A decade on, TanDEM-X should provide a big leap forward in capability.
The top SRTM digital elevation model (DEM) product has a 30m by 30m spatial resolution, and a vertical resolution that varies from 16m to 10m.
With the TanDEM mission, the intention is to go down to a vertical resolution of two metres, with a spatial resolution of 12m by 12m. Airborne laser instruments (lidars) can do better than this but their DEMs are only regional.
To achieve the TanDEM level of detail on all 150 million sq km of the Earth's land surface will require three years of operation.
Radar observations already have extensive military, civil, and scientific applications.
Good examples recently include the Eyjafjallajoekull eruption in Iceland and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
In the former, TerraSAR-X's microwave vision was able to look through the ash plume to enable scientists to assess the developing status of the glacier volcano; and in the latter, the satellite has been able to follow the progression of the oil slick day or night from the way radar signals are reflected off the polluted water. This is possible because spreading oil has a tendency to flatten the sea surface and this effect is detectable from space.
Coloured Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano, Iceland - 15 April, 2010 
(DLR) TerraSAR-X looks through the Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano's ash plume to see three craters. Such views are only possible with radar satellites The improved dataset coming from the TanDEM mission should deepen and extend the range of radar applications.
Mobile phone operators will use the elevation model to work out the best places to position their masts; the aviation sector can use the information to plan safer flight paths; city planners need the data to assess flood risks in urban areas; maritime officials can even use the information to track pirates and vessels that fish illegally.
TerraSAR-X image of Gulf oil slick - 25 April (Infoterra) The presence of oil in the water works to flatten the surface The TerrSAR-X/TanDEM-X venture is operated on the basis of a public-private partnership. DLR owns the hardware; EADS Astrium builds it; and Infoterra GmbH has exclusive rights to commercialise the data.
Continuity is key to developing the radar applications market and already plans are in place to fly follow-on spacecraft.
The next step in development being pursued by the partnership is a high-resolution, wide-swath technology which would allow extremely detailed, large-scale images of the surface to be acquired in a single pass.
"We could decide to take a 100km swath with a resolution of one metre," Brig Gen Reiter said.
"That means two things, however. First, we can take a swath and get all the products we need straight away; but second, the disadvantage is that we get incredible amounts of data and the challenge will be to get this data downlinked. The current downlink stations are reaching their limits."
This coming bottleneck issue is one of the reasons why Germany has chosen to lead the European Data Relay System (EDRS), a European Space Agency project that would see Earth observation data bounced off geostationary satellites using laser technology.
Comparison on datasets (Infoterra)

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Microsofft 2010

Microsoft launched the latest version of the software officenya namely Microsoft Office 2010 Beta. In this beta version you can download for free alias cuma2. Condition has only a Microsoft account profile. To download please open:

Click on the top right and then login with your Profile Microsoft account. There will be a form to be filled. After that you will get the download page along with the series.
Software size is 700 mega and requires approximately 3 giga space when installing. Microsoft Office 2010 Beta can be used until October 2010. After that of course you should buy.
Hopefully Helpful

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What is Islam

Islam is the message of Allah SWT. the last one for humans, therefore Islam is the religion of Allah revealed last. to His last Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa ie .. And also true of Prophet Mohammad. is to bring the minutes of Allah SWT. universal and as the opener for all of nature. Each comes with the minutes of the Prophet of Allah SWT. for his people each, while the Prophet Mohammad. with Islam as the minutes of Allah SWT. the last one for all men even the genie. Allah SWT. said: "And We sent thee not, but to (become) a mercy for the Worlds." (Surat al-Anbiya ': 107), Allah SWT. said: "And We have not sent thee but to the whole of mankind as a bearer of good tidings and a warner, but most people do not know." (Surah Saba ': 28), and Allah SWT. said: "Say:" O mankind! I was the messenger of Allah unto all "(Surat Al-A'raf: 158) And also of Prophet Mohammad.'ve mengkabarkan to us that Allah SWT. has specialized Prophet Mohammad. with the mandate like this, then the Prophet said: "The prophet who once sent to the special, while I have been sent to all mankind" (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim)
Islam is a religion that is easy, not difficult and does not narrow, Allah SWT. says: 'And He never made for you in the religion of a narrowness. " (Surat al-Hajj: 78) Allah SWT. also says: "Allah intends for you ease, and does not want hardship for you." (Surat al-Baqara: 185) and the principle of Allah SWT. to this religion there are five pillars namely dzahir: Two Creed, prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage to the temple. and in the creed of the pillars of our faith, there are six pillars are: Faith in God Almighty., His Angels, His Messenger, Messenger, His Scriptures, the Day of Resurrection, and the provision of good and bad. Then faith is divided into a lot of details, that some of the commands and prohibitions in Islamic Shari'a which has linked the number to a clarity, and seventy-branch as reported by people who believed and trusted.
A Hadith Jibril aces. explaining the pillars of Islam and Iman, narrated by our master 'Umar. Says: One time we were in a council with the Prophet. when it comes seoarang men dress very white and very black hair, not visible to her former long distance trip, and none of us do not know him, then he sat before the Prophet, and the man leaned his knee to knee Prophet., and laying his hands on the thigh of the Prophet., and said: "O Muhammad, bring back word to me about Islam."
So the Prophet. He said: "Islam is that you testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah indeed, establish the prayer, giving alms, fasting in the boasting of Ramadan, and pilgrimage to the temple if you are able to run it.". The man said: "You were right." 'Umar said: "So we surprised him, he asked, and justify them. Then the man asked again:" And proclaim to me about faith is. "Prophet replied:" Do you believe in Allah, His Angels, the Book- His books, His Messengers Messengers, the Day of Judgement, and fate of good and evil ". He said:" You are right ". And then asked again:" Then bring back word to me about Ihsan. "Prophet replied:" You worship God as you saw Him but if it can not see Him then truly He has seen ". Then he asked again, bring back word to me about the Hour. The Prophet said:" The person who asked nothing more to know than the people who ask ". Then he asked again: Proclaim kepadku about doomsday promise. The Prophet replied: "When the maid gave birth to a child, you see the leaders barefoot so dependence with others and the higher buildings." Saying 'Umar: "Then the men came out so I raised the question in my heart is, then the Prophet said to me: "O 'Umar whether you know who the person who asked it." I said: 'Allah and His Messenger know better. " The Apostle said: "Verily he is Gabriel, he comes to give knowledge about your religion" (Narrated by Muslim: juz one thing. 37) And the Prophet. mengkabarkan challenged branch of faith, then the Prophet said: "A clarity that seventy branches of faith and the nature of shame is the most branches faith" (Narrated by Bukhari: juz one thing. 63)
As for the naming of the word Islam with Islam: Islam true religion passing the survivors and rescued by the LORD God of hosts, then Islam is a religion which invites Muslims to surrender to God that one and let go of things from God-God in others, the statues until everything that makes humans polytheists with his Lord, for he follows his desires, Allah says: "Tell me about someone who makes his desires as his god. So if you can be a guardian over him?" (Surat al-Furqan: 43), as well as invite Muslims to salvation only for themselves, but with the vastness of God, in this issue of the Prophet. He said: "A Muslim part of the safety of Muslim-Muslim, the other by verbal and hands" (Narrated by Bukhari Muslim: juz one thing. 13)
Islam is a religion that blessed by God, the God who called Islam with these words and meridhainya for verily He is the Lord of Hosts, Almighty Allah. said: "This day have I perfected your religion for you, and I have both ends meet My favor unto you, and have been Ku-Islam is a religion ridhai for you." (Surat al-Ma'idah: 3). Allah SWT. also said: "(Follow) religion of your father Ibrahim. He (God) has named you all the Muslims of the past, and (so did) in (Al Quran) is, so the Messenger a witness over you, and ye all be witnesses against mankind. " (Surat al-Hajj: 78), the God of the Muslim call to the Muslims, because of the peculiarities of this last race. The people who have the last religion, the Prophet. last. Those Jews who named himself as the target preaching Prophet Musa., Allah SWT. told in his words: "Truly, we turn (repent) unto Thee." He said: "My punishment will Kutimpakan to whom I will, and My mercy encompasses all things." "(Surat al-'Araf: 156) . So did the people calling themselves Christians, Allah SWT. said: "And among those who say: 'We are the Christians," there is agreement that we have taken them, but they (intentionally) forget some of what they have been given a warning to him. " (Surat al-'Araf: 156). Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds because we have been specializing and preferred over all his creation is perfect.
And we expect with this answer we can find out about Islam's place among the earlier treatises, also we understand about our religion as a whole, what is called the word of Islam and the Muslim followers of Islam penemaan. Shalawat and greeting of Allah upon our Prophet, his family and his companions, and Allah SWT. the highest and most know.